Office 365 from new German Datacenters

New Office 365 Data Center Region available

A few weeks ago, the new Office 365 Data Region (Germany) finally gone live. Someone silently pushed the red button, surprisingly there was no big announcement.  Maybe they hold this back for Microsoft Ignite The Tour in Berlin. The new Datacenters are located in Frankfurt and Berlin and have the same high-security standards as the EU Region Datacenters. Caution, don’t mix this up with the old “Microsoft Cloud Germany” offering, that’s not the same.

(From a personal trial Tenant created on 25-JAN-2020)

In Conclusion

  • Two Data Centers (Berlin, Frankfurt), distance ~ 240 kilometers
  • Existing Customers who have configured the company address, to Germany in Office 365, will be moved automatically in the future
  • At this time only “Microsoft Cloud Germany” Customers can opt-in for a transfer to the new regions (Link)
  • A data move request for Customers in the EU Cloud Region is planned (Link)
  • The following services are available in the Region:
    • I’m especially happy about Microsoft Teams ? here, previously this was not part of the original announcement.

The History



  • Office 365 from Germany as a combined service from “Deutsche Telekom” & Microsoft went General Available (Link).
    • The so-called “Microsoft Cloud Germany” was born.
    • Compared to the Global Microsoft Cloud, there were several problems with the service.
    • Especially the higher prices and slow implementation of new services and updates
    • Lastly, the offer was not a big success.
  • Microsoft announced two new Data Centers (Berlin & Frankfurt) as a new Cloud Region available in Germany connected to the Public Cloud
    • Pro: No higher prices and the same services as in the other Global Cloud Regions
  • End of Sale “Microsoft Cloud Germany” for new Customers (Link)
  • Microsoft Azure available from the new Data Centers
  • Office 365 Services available from the new Data Centers


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