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What’s it about?

In the monthly Office 365 Champions Community Call, I heard about two new Online Courses for Microsoft Teams. The courses are provided by, a big “MOOC” platform. But what the hell is a MOOC? I thought as much, so I did some research and in my opinion, it was worth it.

What is a MOOC?

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No, a MOOC course has nothing to do with an MMORPG. A MOOC or “Massive Open Online Course” it’s a new interactive way of learning, as I first heard about it I thought it is the same old online learning stuff, but it’s not. Try it, and you will find out, it makes a lot of fun ;-).


Who is and what is Microsoft’s relationship with them? is a nonprofit open-source MOOC provider founded originally by Harvard & MIT in 2012. Since then they have found many partners who offer courses at their platform, one of them is Microsoft. But Anant Agarwal can better explain the spirit and mindset than I am, so watch his video:

There are a lot of interesting courses at believe me:
(index date january/2019)

  • 2537 Courses overall => Link
  • 622 Computer science courses => Link
  • 267 Microsoft courses => Link
  • 242 Courses in Data Analysis & Statistics => Link
  • 68 Microsoft Azure courses=> Link
  • 18 Courses about Office 365 => Link
  • 16 Courses from IBM => Link

Farther there a complete course programs for a deeper dive in a topic:

A lot of interesting stuff to explore, create your account and start learning.

Who cares? –  I’m an Office 365 Consultant

As an Office 365 Consultant, I am not interested in this university stuff.  You are wrong, trust me! Microsoft has two brand new courses about Microsoft Teams implementation on One Course is the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist and the second is a technical Microsoft Teams certification.

The Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist gives you a non-technical perspective on the challenges to successfully roll out a Microsoft cloud service in your company.  Change-Management nowadays has a lot to do with good service adoption.

A new cloud-service with no employee engagement is useless, drive the adoption, inform your users and create awareness of the project goals and technical capabilities of the service you want to introduce! Kudos to Karuana Gatimu for this great course.


Finally, I got my Certification (Update)

Microsoft IT Training with edX and MOOCs (Update)

Cian Allner from Office 365 Ninjas posted a great summary to explain MOOCs, in the Microsoft Learning Ecosystem at the Microsoft TechNet Wiki.


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