Office 365 Networking Best Practices

The Task

In an Office 365 Review project, we had the task to check the network implementation for the Office 365 traffic. The design reflected the classic enterprise networking approach, with Proxy-Servers, Next Generation Firewalls with Deep Packet Inspection and so on. I already knew that this was not the best practices scenario from a Microsoft perspective, but I didn’t have good references for it. Because of that, I did some research and want to share the output with you.

Network Best Practices for O365 traffic summarized

  • Bypass Proxy-Servers
  • Don’t use Deep Packet Inspection or SSL Inspection
  • Use Local Internet Breakouts for Office 365
  • Reconsider your Network design and strategy as an example use SD-WAN (Whitepaper from Cisco)

References and Sources

Microsoft does not require and does not recommend using third-party WAN optimization solutions, traffic redirection or inspection devices, or any other network solutions that decrypt, inspect, or take protocol-level or content-level action on Office 365 user traffic.

I highly recommend this video if you are an Office 365 consultant or engineer – watch it till the end 😉

Office 365 connectivity principles


Issues with the traditional model for Office 365 traffic


New URL and IP categories and web services API


Modern Network architecture: Example



Microsoft Office 365 Networking Partner Program


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  • 11. April 2020 at 12:32

    Excellent article. I’m dealing with many of these issues as well..


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