Manage NTFS Permissions with PowerShell

The Task

NTFS permission Management with the Windows GUI was never one of my favorite admin tasks. Confusing, boring and error-prone, especially if you want to mass-edit Access Control Entries. For sure, there is a better solution. PowerShell is our friend!

The Solution

Unfortunately, the native Modules and Cmdlets ‘set-acl’ and ‘get-acl’ doesn’t do the job very well. However, the PowerShell module NTFSSecurity from Raimund AndrĂ©e, who is a German Microsoft PFE & DevOps Expert, is a nifty tool for this task. The module helped me 4 years ago in a challenging customer project, you can read about it here (German only, sorry).

Benefits of the PowerShell Module

There are several reasons to use the Modul NTFSSecurity but I want to highlight two of them.

  • Management of Permission inheritance
  • Get-Childitem2 a Cmdlet to overcome the 260 ~ character limit when working with big & grown fileserver environments

Script Examples

Nevertheless, look at the Script examples and you will see, even NTFS Permission Management is fun with the right PowerShell code in your hand!

Happy Coding
– Philipp Kohn –

First example Script: SetNTFSPersmissions.ps1

Second example Script: GetNTFSPersmissions.ps1

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