Windows Virtual Desktop – The future of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

A few days ago at our company internal Microsoft Team-Meeting, we had the pleasure to listen to Freek Berson. He is a Remote Desktop Services MVP since 2011 and Book Co-Author of RDS – The Complete Guide. Freek’s Session was about Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). If you are in the Remote Desktop Services Business you should already heard about it. I think that I can speak here for all of my colleagues that we want to thank Freek for his time and effort.

There are already many good blog posts about WVD including Freek’s ones here. Because of that, I only want to write down some quick facts.

  • WVD provides a PaaS Service for Virtual Desktops and Remote Desktop Session Hosts
  • Azure only
  • The PaaS Service is a multi-tenant solution (ihmo great for Hosters and MSP’s)
  • Compatible with “classic” RDSH Windows Server Session Hosts and Windows 10 VDI
  • Provides the first Windows 10 Multisession system (read more here)
  • It’s highly optimized for Office 365 and FSLogix functions will be integrated for a great User Experience
  • Several connectivity Options will be available
    • HTML5 RD Web Client
    • RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (RADC)
    • WVD Client App (No details so far)
  • Will be the only platform for Office 365 Multiuser (RDS/VDI) in the future
  • Office 365 ProPlus is not supported on Windows Server 2019 RDSH

I am highly interested in WVD and will cover this topic in detail at this blog in the future.

Freek Berson (Wortell)
Freek Berson (Wortell)

For more details about Windows Virtual Desktop, please watch this Video:

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